If you currently have items in self-storage, you know that keeping everything well organized is essential for access to your items, and also to keep them from breaking under the weight of other heavier objects. This rule is especially true when it comes to our electronics. These are valuable items that can get damaged easily if they aren’t stored the right way. Here are some important storage tips to consider when storing electronics:

Prevent Moisture Build Up

You want to make sure that at no time are your electronics at risk of coming into contact with water or moisture. A good storage unit should protect your items from leaks and moisture, but changes in temperatures and heavy rains can also throw a wrench in those plans. So it is better to err on the side of caution and follow these steps:

  • Don’t store electronics on the floor. Install a shelving unit or keep them on top of other boxes that aren’t vulnerable to water.
  • Consider a climate-controlled storage unit to offset changes in temperature that result in humidity and condensation.

If paying extra for a climate-controlled storage unit is not an option, you can place your electronics in a bin, and line the inside of the bin with a material that absorbs moisture. In this case, it would be wise to check on your belongings from time to time, to see if the material needs to be changed.


Dust is the invisible enemy until enough of it builds up and infiltrates your electronics. A great idea to protect your items from dust is to wrap them in plastic wrap. You can also visit your unit from time to time and vacuum it to remove excess dust build-up.


While most self-storage units provide a safe barrier from critters like rodents, it’s never a bad idea to be 110% sure your electronics are out of harm’s way. That’s why a thick container is always useful as an extra line of defense just in case a finicky rat slips through the cracks.

Keeping your electronics safe doesn’t have to be complicated. We have various storage units of different sizes for you to choose from. Contact us today for your free consultation on how you can protect your electronics and any other items you need to put in storage.