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If your home is like many households, your garage is used to store more than just your car. It’s used as an in home self-storage unit, preserving all your keepsakes, holiday and seasonal décor, bikes, old furniture and whatever else you can stash in it. If this is the case for you, here are a few tips to get your car back in the garage and clear up some of that clutter to give you peace of mind.

Create Three Piles

Your first step is looking through every single item, which may seem like a huge chore, and for some, it may be. But it’s very important. Create three piles; what to keep, to give away, and to throw away. This will help ensure there isn’t any confusion and you’re able to start the process by being organized.

What to keep?

There isn’t any reason to keep things in your garage or store in Napa storage unit that you don’t want or need anymore. Think about each piece and its value to your life, factor in the last time you used it. If it’s seasonal, when was the last holiday or season you put it up?

This task isn’t intended for you to rid your garage of all your prized possessions or memorabilia. It’s to free up space to organize those you decide to keep. If you do decide to part with any special treasures, take a picture of it. That way you can keep it close, without it taking away much needed space for items you want/use.

Once you have sorted through everything, throw away the trash. This will automatically clear up space and begin that peace of mind you’ve been looking for. For items you want to get rid of you can: sell them, give them to family/friends who need them, or donate them to a local charity or thrift store. Furniture is always a much needed commodity, no use in keeping it stored away when someone else may get good use out of it.

Reorganize and Store Conveniently

Organize the items you chose to keep conveniently. Hang or store seasonal/holiday items up high, so the lower shelves and hooks are for more frequently used items. Hang bulky items like bikes, canoes, extra tires, etc. from the ceiling to create more floor and shelf space.

Store similar items together and label each bin or box you use. This will make looking for them again way easier. Clear bins are also great for organizing as they give you an easier view of what’s inside without having to dig through.

Self-Storage Unit

Wanting to use your garage for its intended purpose of storing your car out of the weather, but still don’t have room after all you’ve parted with and reorganized? Come get yourself a Napa storage unit at Southgate Storage. You can have your unit just as organized as your garage, with the same convenience of it being local with 24/7 access.