Cluttered closets seem to happen no matter how hard we try! And once we run out of room there, we store stuff in cupboards, on shelves, and under the stairs. Are your closets so cluttered that you spend far too much time looking for the things you need? Getting them in order can be easier than you think, especially with the help of a self-storage unit.

Southgate Storage is Napa’s leading public storage facility and the only one to use 100% green energy. Whether you’re storing a few items or an entire room or home, we’re here to help you get your life in order.

6 Easy Steps to Decluttering Your Closets

To start your decluttering project, find yourself four big boxes and label them Trash, Give Away, Keep, or Store. As you clean out your closets, put each item into one of the boxes, and don’t skip anything. Each closet should be empty when you’re through.

As you sort, keep these six thoughts in mind.

Consider the Seasons

Organizing by season helps save time because you don’t have to wade through stored sweaters and winter sports gear when all you really want is your beach cover-up and pool toys. Once you sort the items you’re keeping or storing, divide them into storage containers that you can, if necessary, move to a storage unit.

Everything in its Place

It’s the little things that seem to accumulate and create closet chaos. Invest in clear shoe boxes and other stackable storage containers where you put tools, accessories, and additional odds and ends. If you’re renting a public storage unit, consider putting rarely used items in separate containers and storing them in the unit.

Let it Go

Everyone has items they haven’t worn or used in years but can’t bring themselves to get rid of. Now’s the time to ask yourself if you’re ready to part ways with non-sentimental belongings. Try to avoid “what if” scenarios and remind yourself that you can always buy new if the need arises.

Share the Wealth

Donating usable items is a great way for others to enjoy things you no longer want or need. Check your local charities and nonprofits to see what they accept. If you have vintage items, consider selling them or putting them in a consignment shop. You might make enough to cover the cost of your storage unit!

Make it a Habit

Once you’ve sorted out each closet, make decluttering a yearly or twice-yearly goal and invest in monthly touch-ups to keep everything tidy.

Hire a Professional

If your life’s too hectic or you have difficulty parting with belongings, a professional organizer can help, giving you the push and tools you need. Their objectivity can inspire you to finally let go of items you no longer need. And because they do it for a living, they can help you get the job done much more quickly.

Give Yourself a Break: Book a Self Storage Unit Today!

Now that you’ve decluttered your closets, it’s time to renting a secure Napa self storage unit for the items you don’t want to throw away but don’t have space for right now. Southgate Storage offers 7 different-sized self storage units, one of which is sure to meet your specific budget and storage needs. Contact us online today or call us at 707-255-1677 to learn more.