If you have a storage unit, the biggest challenge you likely face is making sure you don’t end up with an unmanageable pile up of boxes (and other items). The last thing you want is to take everything out of your unit to retrieve an item buried behind a bunch of boxes. Apart from the time wasted, it’s depressing to have to deal with it, knowing that it will most likely happen again. But luckily for you, we’re taking the guesswork out of organizing your storage unit and giving you the tricks of the trade to save you time and energy. If you are looking at Napa storage units, here are the Southgate Storage pro tips on how to optimize your self-storage unit.

One Box Size Fits All

At the very least, try to use one box size for storing all your stuff. This helps a great deal with keeping things more organized and optimal for stacking them up. Larger boxes aren’t your best option for stacking as they don’t hold up well when a lot of weight is applied on top of them. Of course, there are some exceptions for this tip if you have larger items that don’t fit in boxes.

Pick and Choose What You Put in Storage

Your storage unit should contain items you might not need at the moment, but will need later at some point in time. It’s common practice for people to put items in storage that don’t need to be there or aren’t needed at all. Here’s some items that commonly make trips to and from a storage unit:

  • Seasonal clothing
  • Holiday decorations
  • Camping Supplies/Equipment
  • Documents
  • Sports/Hobby Equipment

Label Your Boxes

This is one of the most important rules you can apply! Label your boxes and you’ll spend a lot less time rummaging through them to see what they contain – simple and effective!

Create an Inventory List of What You Keep in Storage

If you’re looking for a particular item and aren’t sure where to find it, you can save a lot of time and an unnecessary trip if you have a list of everything your storage unit contains. You can even create an online spreadsheet to save yourself from messy errors.

Have a Storage Plan

It’s not enough to just start stacking boxes. Develop a strategy when you are storing your items to designate one area for certain items, and another area for other types of items. For example, on the left side of your unit is where you can put any clothing, costumes, decorations. The right side of the unit is where all your tools and equipment can go. By doing this you can save both time and energy when needed to retrieve your items.

Don’t Be Afraid to Upsize

Being organized and keeping tabs on your items is great, but if you’re cramming a storage unit to the brim, there’s no amount of organization that’s going to make your life easier. Make sure the storage unit you have is appropriate for the amount of items you’re keeping in it.

Small pro tips like these will help make trips to your storage unit a lot less frustrating and time consuming. When it comes to Napa storage units, Southgate Storage has a variety of different sized units that are affordable, easy to access and monitored with 24/7 digital camera surveillance and gated access. Contact Southgate Storage today to get a free tour of our facility, and choose the unit that best suits your self storage needs.