We live in a world today where there is a new hot item on the market almost daily, and as wonderful as these gadgets are, there just isn’t enough space in our homes for every single one of them at the same time. As these items are still usable and even profitable, storing them properly in Napa storage units is the key to keeping them in good condition to use for a later date or to sell them. So here are a few tips on how to store your technology before putting them in a storage unit Napa CA location.

  1. Always consult the Owner’s Manual – whether you still have the paper copy, or look it up online, referencing the manual will give you any vital information needed to properly store the items, including packing requirements, safety and temperature guidelines.
  2. Use original packaging – if you still have original packing materials, these would be the best solution for storing as you already know the electronic fits perfect and will be secure.
  3. For computer monitors and TVs without original packaging – wrap anti-static foam around them to protect the screens and use additional filler, like packing peanuts, bubble wrap or extra anti-static foam on the screens for added protection.
  4. Climate controlled Napa storage units – make sure you have a climate controlled unit depending on your location and time of year, as water is the last thing you want your electronics to experience.
  5. Remove all cables/wires from device – for future reference you may want to take a picture before you remove the cables to know where they go for next time, bundle the cables nicely and store them in a plastic bag in the box with the main item.
  6. Make a list of everything in the box, including cables, controllers, headphones, etc. and seal all boxes securely with packing tape.
  7. For added protection – store your electronics in the back of the Napa storage units and never lay TVs or monitors flat on the floor. Whether in a box or not, place the TVs or monitors against the wall of the unit and make sure nothing is on top of them or could fall on them.

Properly storing your electronics in a storage unit Napa CA whether for a short or lengthy period of time, will better ensure they will be usable when needed again, as well as protecting you from any harm or your other property if damages were to occur due to lack of adequate storing.