The holiday season is here which means it’s time to break out those decorations. While it’s fun to decorate and enjoy the ambiance of a festive home, taking down the decorations and storing them in convenient ways always ends up being a downer. Check out our self storage tips for holiday decorations and don’t sucked into the post-holiday slump. And if you’re big on decorating and need space, consider Napa storage units.

Wrap String Lights

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to pull apart tangled string lights and then risking breaking a bulb. The struggle is real. When it’s time to pack them away, wrap the lights around a piece of cardboard. Easy self storage solution.

Bag Items for Protection

From Ziploc to grocery to garbage, bags are a useful tool to protect your items and seal them from water damage, moisture, mold, and other harm. Paper decorations can be protected from wrinkling and artificial trees can be sealed from moisture. When storing belongings in Napa storage units, make sure items are sealed in handy bag too.

Box It

Use clear bins to store your decorations for easy identification. Label them too to keep track of everything. For ornaments, consider using egg cartons to keep them from breaking or boxes with separators. Keep different holiday décor in different boxes for easier organizing.

Use Cushioning

Keep fragile items safe with bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or old clothing and blankets. Prevent breakage when moving things around with this simple self storage solution.

Hang Wreaths

Bag your wreath and attach a hanger to it. Then hang it on a rod. If you have a lot of wreaths, purchase a simple clothing rack and hang and organize your items there.

Need more space to store that holiday cheer? Consider renting Napa storage units. You can easily store away items in a spacious room and leave your home uncluttered with items that you only use once a year.

Happy Holidays from your local Southgate Storage!