While there’s no rule book on how to properly organize items in your home or public storage unit, there are common mistakes people make that result in the process being more tedious than it should be. Keep reading to learn what they are, and how to avoid them!

Procrastination Due To Fear of Lack of Time

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to finish a job quickly after starting it. But when it comes to organizing your home or public storage unit, you may have to accept that it’s going to be a slow burn. Start light, and plug away a little bit at a time. Consider setting a schedule to stay consistent and on task each day.

Purchasing Bins Before Doing Inventory

Organizing your home or self storage shouldn’t cost you more money than is necessary. That means before you head out and buy all the rubber bins you can fit in your car, take stock of what objects will be stored away, thrown away, and kept. This will allow you to accurately purchase the storage items and tools you need, rather than add more unneeded items to your collection.

Failure To Use a Public Storage Unit

You may feel like giving up because your home doesn’t have enough boxes or space to put everything. But this is an easy fix! If it’s boxes you need, there are affordable options that you can buy in bulk. If space is an issue, consider a Napa self storage unit to help create more space in your home. They are available in a variety of sizes and price points.

Emotional Attachment to Things 

Unfortunately, we tend to hold too many things near and dear to our hearts, when really they serve no purpose outside of the emotional connection they give us. No, we’re not telling you to throw away your wedding dress. But some things should probably be tossed or donated in your home and storage unit that will be nothing more than an afterthought once they’re gone. Identify what those items are and find the strength to part with them. You’ll be better off for it.

Not Enough Shelves 

Bins are a useful tool when storing items out of sight, but too many bins can wind up becoming a problem in and of themselves. Consider using shelves to keep things out of the way. They don’t take up too much space and can neatly hold small important items, thereby reducing your need for excess bins.

No Storage Plan 

One of the biggest mistakes a person can make is not having an organized plan when storing their items. Take the time to design a layout and label your boxes and bins. This will save you countless hours of digging through your items when you need to retrieve them.

Not Enough Vertical Storage

This may seem simple enough but it’s often ignored. Instead of storing three bins of the same size side by side, stack them! You’ve just freed up a few cubic meters of storage space that you can use for other items, or not at all!

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