Moving into a new home is an exciting adventure that can also become stressful very quickly. In particular, downsizing can bring a lot of confusion. Enter, the storage facility. A storage facility is the perfect place to store extra items that are no longer needed or fit in a new home. Our Napa storage units can accommodate any size and make it easy to do some serious self-storage.

At Southgate Storage, we want to make your move easy and have compiled some tips for packing and moving into a new home.

Pack in Advance. It’s a lifesaver and will leave you with much less stress come moving day. Don’t put off packing because you’ll be panicking when the time arrives. Instead, start planning out what you’ll want to pack the day you find out your moving date. Start listing out what you’ll need to move to Napa storage units too.

Use great quality packing material. This material will protect your precious items. During a major move, things shuffle around and the last thing you want to do is unpack broken glass. If you’re utilizing Napa storage units, pack up your things just s securely. You want your items to remain safe in transit.

Label, label, label. It’s easy to label things and nearly impossible to find things after you packed them and didn’t label them. So make sure to grab a market and label your boxes. Same goes for storing items in Napa storage units. Make sure to label anything you pack.

Make an inventory. Keep track of all your items by listing out what you have packed for moving and what you packed for storage. You’ll be able to look at the list and immediately know if something is missing. When you reserve Napa storage units, you’ll be able to know exactly what has been stored.

In the end, it’s about staying organized and on track. Plan ahead, organize what you’ll need and what you’ll store in Napa storage units and you’ll be set!