Storage units are great for short term storage, not just long term. Here’s when they could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

  1. Renovating Your Home: Whether your renovating multiple rooms, or just one, storing your belongings at a storage unit near me will alleviate the stress of trying to figure out how to paint the walls and redo the floors with a room full of furniture.
  2. Attending School: Summers are a great time to go on vacation, and if you’re a college student lugging your belongings around with you for an entire summer would be quite difficult. Why not rent Napa storage units while you’re away with family or backpacking across Europe? Everything will be there for when you’re back, and you know it’s safe and secure. Short term storage is also great while school’s in session. Dorm rooms don’t fit everything from home, but with a storage unit near me, you can keep your prized possessions close to you during the school year and it makes it easier to have everything you need for each season without crowding your space. Leaving you and your roommate more room to breathe while studying.
  3. Moving: Already a stressful time, running out of space while packing is the last thing you want to deal with. Rent Napa storage units in between homes to store your belongings so you have room to finish packing while you’re waiting to get into your new place. This is also helpful if your new home is smaller or has less storage space and you need more time to unpack to organize everything.

In between homes? Attending school? Renovating and need some extra space temporarily? Look no further than renting Napa storage units from us. Whether long term or short, Southgate Mini Storage is the place to meet all your storage needs.