It isn’t just summer clothes you can store away during the cooler months. Everything from pool toys to patio furniture and summer sporting equipment will last longer and look better when next summer rolls around if you store it properly.

Whether you’re searching for “storage facilities near me” or want to make storing your summer items as easy and stress-free as possible, here are some of our favorite tips, including how to arrange for the ideal self storage in Napa, CA.

Summer Item Self Storage Tips

Self storage is the ideal solution for people who want to reclaim cluttered home and garage space. These easy tips make the process super simple and organized.

  • Pack right. Packing your belongings correctly is critical in any season. It makes it easier to find what you need and protects items from damaging each other. Box clothing separately so it isn’t torn or otherwise damaged by household goods like gardening tools. Split up things like pool gear, outdoor toys, etc., and give each their own container. You’ll find that packing things up right the first time makes unpacking them next summer much easier!
  • Stack right. Most people use a combination of boxes, plastic bins, and totes to store their items. To get the most out of your available self storage space, use similar-sized, sturdy containers you can place on top of one another without them shifting or collapsing. Use labels on each box and make sure they’re all visible.
  • “Fall cleaning.” Just like with spring cleaning, now’s a great time to go through what you have and eliminate any clutter. If there are items you didn’t wear or use at all during this summer, consider donating them, so someone else gets to enjoy them.

You can also speed up the process by asking family or friends to help you get organized. While moving things to summer storage isn’t usually thought of as the most thrilling task in the world, you can make it a fun process by providing food, drinks, and music.

What Not to Put In Self Storage Units

The majority of your personal belongings are perfectly safe to put in a self storage unit. But keep in mind these items you should never store there:

  • Food and perishables
  • Plants
  • Anything wet
  • Hazardous or flammable items like propane tanks
  • Anything you consider irreplaceable

How to Find The Best “Storage Facilities Near Me”

We hope you find these tips helpful in moving your belongings to summer storage. We know how great it can feel to get proactive about cleaning house and freeing up living space. Come next summer, you can proudly pat yourself on the back for having organized everything so well!

The convenience of renting a self storage unit definitely makes summer storage a breeze. At Southgate Storage, we offer seven different-sized self storage units, including 12×40 spaces for RVs. Our high-security Napa storage units are conveniently located and designed to meet your specific budget and summer storage needs.

To learn more about all our available Napa storage units, contact Southgate Storage online today, or call us at 707-255-1677!