If you’re planning a move to a home that doesn’t fit all of your current belongings, or perhaps just want to get seasonal furniture like patio accessories out of sight, you’ll most likely need a public storage unit to keep your items safe and secure. But storing furniture is a lot more complicated than storing old dish sets or books you can’t part with. You can’t exactly put your armoire or sofa in a box, so it’s a good idea to follow these guidelines to ensure your furniture is secure and in great condition when the time comes to get it out of storage.

Storing Furniture in Napa Storage Units

Since furniture is often made with materials such as wood, leather, and various types of cloth, it can easily become damaged if exposed to conditions such as humidity or extreme temperatures. Furthermore, the risk of ruining your furniture increases when it’s stored over longer periods. The good news is some public storage units allow you to set the ideal temperature inside. If you live in a city with severe weather changes, a climate-controlled public storage unit will allow you to conveniently store your furniture and keep it safe from weather damage.

Prepping Your Furniture for Public Storage

Before you start shopping around for Napa storage units, there are some steps you need to take first to ensure your furniture is ready for public storage. These steps will ensure that when the time comes to take your furniture out of storage, it’ll look as good as the day it went in.

Step 1: Thoroughly Clean Your Furniture

Give all of your furniture a thorough wipe with a dry cloth first to remove dust and debris. If your furniture contains cloth upholstery, you may want to get in there with a vacuum for deeper dust removal. All leather should be cleaned with appropriate leather cleaning products and all metal parts or sections should also be properly polished. Once your furniture is spotless, apply a coat of an appropriate fabric protector to keep it shielded from stains while in storage.

Step 2: Disassemble Wherever Possible

If you own furniture that can be disassembled, now is the time to do it. This could mean removing drawers out of office desks and dressers or even separating removable legs from tables. Give each piece a close look to see what can be safely taken apart.

Step 3: Carefully and Strategically Pack Your Items in Public Storage Units

Be sure to pack your furniture in a way that doesn’t put it at risk of being damaged, or obstructs your ability to get more commonly used items in your Napa storage unit. Also, cover your furniture with drop cloths to prevent dust and debris build-up. Glass panels should be well protected with cardboard and/or styrofoam to prevent breakage. It’s also a good idea to either line the floors of your unit or place some type of divider between the floor and your furniture. We strongly recommend not letting your furniture come into contact with the floor of your public storage unit, especially if it’s going to stay there for an extended period.

Now that you have your guidelines for safe storage, be sure to contact us today for any other questions regarding available Napa storage units and pricing!