When planning to store your electronic devices, either for a short time or much longer, it is crucial to remember how fragile these devices can be. Today’s PCs and desktops, smartphones, cameras, sound equipment, printers, and more consist of loads of delicate components that can become damaged or eroded easily in the wrong environment.

Since electronic equipment can be rendered useless from moisture exposure, temperature variations, contaminants, and forceful impact, simply placing these in a standard cardboard box and forgetting about them can be risky.

Factors that Can Impact Stored Electronics

Even short-term exposure to certain environmental elements can hasten the deterioration of certain components and render them useless over time. These include:

Dirt and Dust

Exposure to excessive dirt and airborne dust can damage delicate components and reduce or curtail their usefulness. Accumulations may interfere with the component’s conductivity and weaken the functionality of internal relays and switches.

The presence of dust within systems can also cause excessive heat buildup when the unit is later switched on.

Excessive Humidity

Unfavorable conditions created by excessive ambient humidity are condensation and moisture accumulation. Once moisture accumulates, the workings of an electronic device will eventually begin to lose conductivity, perhaps short circuit when activated, and parts may start to corrode.

Water Damage

If the area where the electronics are stored begins to flood, even brief exposure will ruin the entire system. Attempts to dry the system are generally futile since the damage may already be permanent.

Extremely High Temperatures

Heat is another enemy of electronic equipment. Internal hardware, microchips, connectors, batteries, and circuit boards are vulnerable when exposed to high temperatures over a relatively long period. These components deteriorate quicker in hot environments and are best stored in cooler areas.

Check with your reputable self-storage vendor to determine how they can help prevent overexposure to harmful elements. For Bay Area and Napa storage units, Southgate Storage is an experienced, professional company that understands all its clients’ needs. Advise the representative about what you will be storing and ask if they have a safe space where you can keep your electronics.

Best Ways to Protect Your Electronics

Store in a Clean, Dry, and Cool Storage Area

Special attention is vital if you are storing electronic gear for a short period or longer as backup equipment, for an extended absence, or while relocating. Methodical packing and preparation are essential, but ensuring your equipment is in a clean, dry, and cool environment is critical.

Selecting a proven, meticulous, reliable self-storage company is your first important step. Storage must be well-maintained, clean, and dry when ready to store.

Preparing Electronics for Long-Term Storage

Specific preparations are essential to ensure that your electronics remain in top condition until you need them again. These include:

  1. Back up all data before storing.
  2. Clean the devices entirely before putting them in a container or box.
  3. Remove all batteries
  4. Remove all plugged accessories
  5. Securely cover monitors and screens with cotton, PET, or cardboard materials screen protectors. Use the original packaging if you have it.
  6. Do not place any component in a sealed plastic bag since moisture can develop within.
  7. Tape over all vents and openings on the equipment to prevent dust and moisture from entering.
  8. Stuff bubble wrap in empty gaps and spaces within the container.

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