The holidays are a festive season that brings us all a little closer to one another as we share many great moments that become lifelong memories. It’s not uncommon to see plenty of decorations and ornaments on display to invoke that holiday cheer. But while setting the mood and putting up decorations can help get you energized for the holidays, putting them away can be a bit of a downer. Things break, your home gets cluttered with extra stuff you didn’t have before, and all of a sudden you have less space around the house than normal.

How your store your items are of great importance and there are several storage tips you can incorporate so your clean-up and setup the following year are as effortless and streamlined as can possibly be.

Consider Napa Storage Units

Attics and garages are great for storing stuff you don’t regularly use, but even those parts of the home can become too cluttered, causing overflow and build up in other parts of your home. Opting for self-storage using one of the many Napa storage units available allows you to set aside those things like holiday decorations that only serve a purpose once a year. This is a great way to free up more storage space in your home and ultimately allows for more harmony throughout your living area.

Proper Christmas Light Storage

Christmas lights can be a tedious item to store and keep safe primarily because of bulb breakage. Wires can also be a pain to untangle and it’s a time-consuming process that can suck the life out of anyone with a pulse. A wire reel is an excellent tool that can keep your wires organized and bulbs safe. They’re inexpensive and can typically hold up to 100 feet of wire so you shouldn’t need too many to cover all the Christmas lights for your home.

Safe Storage for Ornaments

While you’re probably accustomed to losing a few ornaments each year from cramming them in boxes, there is another option to storing them that will save you money over time. Using an ornament chest will ensure your Christmas ornaments are compartmentalized and safe year after year. The chest allows for individual storage of every bell, ball, and reindeer ornament that goes on your tree, and best of all, are very durable.

Elevated Storage Option

So you’ve decided that self-storage is the way to go and have your Christmas decorations ready to be placed in one of the convenient Napa storage units available to you, but you realize there’s less room than you thought in your unit. Don’t panic, there’s still hope. Anchor storage tools allow you to hang items from rafters and free up more space on the ground. They’re easy to set up, very affordable, and depending on which one you buy, can carry up to 250lbs of items. A simple hand cranking mechanism allows you to raise and lower it with ease, so you can avoid the risk of climbing a ladder.

We have a great selection of self-storage units that are suitable for any need! Visit Southgate storage today and get a firsthand look at our state of the art facility.