It’s a new year and you finally decided to clean house and rent Napa storage units! But it turns out, deciding how large of a storage unit you may need is a tough question to answer. Do you rent smaller thinking it will all Tetris in, only to find out you have more stuff than you realized? Or do you rent larger to be on the safe side to end up with half an empty storage unit? Choosing the right size when renting public storage can be hard, but keep these thoughts in mind when deciding.

Renting a Larger Unit

Renting a larger unit can seem unnecessary when you only have a few items to store but keep in mind if you will be adding more to your storage unit in the near future. Last thing you want is to rent a unit to find out a couple months from now that the couch and dining set you were inheriting doesn’t quite all fit in the smaller unit. Now you have to spend the day moving everything into a larger public storage unit.

Renting a Smaller Unit

If you have just a few items and don’t foresee the need to add more items in the future, consider renting a smaller unit. A big pro is that you’ll save money. Renting a smaller unit can also restrict how much clutter you may add to your unit if you like to hold onto everything.

Want to see how many things Napa storage units can hold? View our storage unit photos online. Just click on each room size and you’ll get a better understanding of what you can and can’t fit.

In the end, you can never go wrong renting larger Napa storage units if you are so unsure if all of your items will fit. If you know you will need more space in the future, then the few extra dollars may be well worth it in the long run to save yourself the hassle. When considering where to rent a storage unit be sure to check out public storage facility, Southgate Storage, for all your storing needs.