Packing, transporting, and stacking your possessions into self-storage are not enjoyable activities, but doing this correctly will prevent the heartbreak and disappointment that occurs when you do the job improperly.

To optimize your storage space and keep your belongings safe, pack your unit efficiently and carefully will keep your possessions safe and damage-free.

Following the following guidelines will ensure your possessions remain damage-free when placed in your Napa storage unit.

Plan Your Storage

One of the biggest damage-causing problems with using self-storage units is finding that items placed toward the rear of the unit will need to be accessed soon after you have finished loading and closed the door. This action usually results in climbing over or sliding certain items aside to find, reach, and extract the desired piece. Inevitably, your compact, well-balanced stacks become unstable, and damage will likely occur in the process.

Before you begin, make a carefully considered list of items you may need to access while in self-storage. Load those items last and make sure that the materials that you are sure you will not need are placed in the back of your self-storage unit.

Create an Inventory

Make a precise list of what you are putting in your Napa storage unit. Details should include box numbers and their contents. This list will allow you to track what you have in storage and remind you about items you may have forgotten.

Use Pallets

Placing pallets across the floor will keep stored boxes and furniture safe from water-related problems and allow for better air circulation within the self-storage unit.

Leave Room for Air to Circulate

A gap between the stacks and the walls of the self-storage unit will let air circulate and reduce the potential for moisture accumulation.

Use Uniform Boxes and Containers and Stack Carefully

Uniformly shaped and sized boxes and bins allow for secure stacking. This measure eliminates the potential for stacks to fall over and cause extensive damage.

Stack heavier boxes at the bottom and lighter ones on top. This process keeps containers from crushing each other and causing damage to the items inside. Properly stacked and uniform boxes will not tip over easily.

Labeling is Essential

Knowing what is inside the boxes and bins will save time and effort while eliminating confusion when loading and unloading. When accessing specific items, labels help eliminate opening each container to look for the desired item.

Proper labels help you move containers to their appropriate destinations once they are taken from storage. Thus, “kitchen,” “bath,” or “bedroom” boxes can be distributed quickly to the correct locations without having to open each one.

Disassemble Furniture

Many oversized items, like tables, chairs, bed frames, and more, should be taken apart to save space. Place bolts, brackets, and nuts in a clearly labeled plastic bag and tape this securely to the appropriate piece.

Protect Your Fragile Items

Your delicate and easily broken items must be protected and stored correctly in self-storage. Wrap these in bubble wrap or packing paper layers and place them securely in motion-limiting locations in your Napa storage units.

Ask About Southgate Storage Napa Storage Units

For self-storage in Napa Valley, Southgate Storage offers state-of-the-art, easily accessible, secure, and affordable self-storage units sized to match any needs. Southgate provides storage for business and household needs and is conveniently located off Highway 29, easily reached from anywhere in the Napa area.

The facility performs 24-hour video surveillance, including at the entrance and exit. Individuals may only enter with an assigned security code.

The entire facility is fenced and well-lit.

To view the self-storage units available, visit the Southgate Storage website, where you can view their Napa storage unit sizes offered in this 100% solar-powered operation.

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