Anyone who has moved knows how essential moving boxes are. But once you’re in your new home, what do you do with them? Sure you can break them down and recycle them or store them for later, but they may come in handy in more ways than you think. Of course using them to store your belongings in Napa storage units is a given, but let’s explore other ways to use these cardboard entities!

Create beautiful storage bins. Fancy fabric boxes can be pricey – $20 to keep your belongings organized? No thanks. Create your own custom storage bins with some cardboard boxes and fabric. Love the pattern of a skirt that doesn’t fit anymore? Cut it up and glue or staple it around your box. Keep things organized in your home with stylish boxes.

Make some fun toys for the kids. If you’ve got running kiddos in your home, consider using these boxes for more than keeping your items in Napa storage units. Gather the children and get creative with the boxes – use your imagination to build forts, racing cars, or rocket ships!

Compost them! Do you have a compost pile? You can mix in cardboard boxes as long as you cut them into small pieces. Got a shredder? Even better. Small pieces break down faster while large ones can hault your composting pile.

Turn them into a sweet pad for your pet. Boxes aren’t just for storage units in Napa CA or moving, when you have pets. Your cats will love using them as a sweet condo. Stack them and let kitty roam around his new cardboard mansion. Or cover the cardboard with fabric and have kitty use it as a scratching pad.

Moving, Storing, or Just Want Boxes?

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