Your furniture, personal belongings, or items passed down through the family are not something you want ruined due to lack of space at home. When you are in need of more space in your home or are simply moving from one place to another, a self-storage unit can help you out. The question to ask yourself though is, do you need a standard self-storage unit or do you need a climate controlled storage unit for your belongings?

Typically furniture is build to last if you take care of it properly. Storing your furniture in your garage or your enclosed porch for a few weeks can cause more damage than one would think. Here are some helpful tips to think about when deciding if you need a public storage unit and what type you might need.

Upholstered, Antique or Valuable Furniture

If you are looking to store your furniture for a couple weeks or even a couple months there are some things to think about. Leaving your furniture in your garage it is susceptible to picking up odors if you live in a more humid environment although certain odors can be picked up anywhere. When storing your furniture in a public storage unit if only for a few weeks it is recommended to cover it in a breathable cotton sheet like an old bed sheet. This can keep the dust off and keep some your furniture protected. Storing this kind of furniture though for more than a couple months in a public storage unit there are a few other thoughts that come in mind. If the storage unit is outside, then your unit can heat up doing the day which can cause fluctuating temperatures and humidity that can potentially cause damage. Humidity, be it in your storage unit, garage or simply outside can cause wood furniture to soak in the moisture causing it to swell and shrink which can then crack your furniture. If you are looking for a more long-term storage it is highly recommended to consider a climate-controlled storage unit so your furniture is in the same condition when you move it home again as when you originally stored it.

What Season Are You Storing Your Items?

When looking to store your items during winter you have the possibility of the colder weather ruining your items if they are not stored properly. Cold weather can crack leather, loosen joints on wooden furniture and invite critters to find a warm place to sleep at night. Storing your items in a self-storage unit can help protect against some of what mother nature has to offer. On the other hand, storing your items during Summer also has some obstacles. As we discussed humidity can play a hand in ruining items if they are not in a place where they can be properly maintained.

If you are looking to store items short term, a non-climate-controlled unit can be ideal during fall and spring and a climate controlled unit can be more beneficial during winter and summer depending on where you live of course.

Choosing what kind of self-storage unit you need can be difficult but choosing the right one can mean less money out of pocket in the long run when it comes to your furniture. Let Southgate Mini Storage help you find the right unit you are looking for.