People sometimes find that the closet and bureau space in their home is inadequate for the entire year’s wardrobe. Some individuals may need to rotate their wardrobes seasonally to allow more room while addressing style and season-related issues.

As couples downsize to more compact homes, add new purposes to existing spaces, or require temporary quarters for a period, the clash between wardrobes and available room can become a problem.

The answer is to find a convenient, accessible, and safe self-storage unit that can hold the off-season wardrobe items to make your in-home closets sufficient for what you currently need. Southgate Storage in Napa offers storage units of varying sizes that can be accessed quickly and are always available.

 How to Organize

The first step is to sort and survey your clothing, selecting their seasons and separating them. There might be overlaps, but you can adapt to this quickly, especially if your outside storage is near and accessible.

Use storage bins and space-saving hangars to keep everything tidy and eliminate unnecessary cramming and wrinkling. After all, the purpose of the additional space is to avoid ever doing this.

The storage space will free up the space in your home but will protect your entire wardrobe from overcrowding, dust, pests, and other damage.

Packing and Storing

Once you have separated your wardrobes into seasonal groups, the next important step is to place them onto vacuum-sealed bags, garment bags, and specific storage containers that will keep your clothes clean, well-folded, and protected. Maintaining the condition of the off-season clothing is your primary concern.

Make a List and Plan

Take the time to make a detailed list of all your items and a step-by-step outline for the clothing you will transition to storage. With a plan and a well-planned nearby storage container, your space problems are solved, and transitioning during the year becomes more straightforward and far less time-consuming.

Contact Southgate Storage

Convenient, secure, accessible, economical, and always accessible, Southgate Storage in Napa, California, is ideally located for Napa Valley families to store their possessions for the short or long term.

Southgate Storage provides storage units from 5’x10’ to 12’x30’ to accommodate any needs. The facility uses 16 strategically placed cameras to record all movement throughout the day and night and features an electronic gate that is operable only with coded access.

Schedule an in-person, no-obligation meeting with one of the experts at Southgate Storage. You can view the various sized units and locations and make your reservation for the unit that works best. Whether for seasonal clothing rotation or for a unit to store other valuable items, Southgate Storage in Napa has the correct answer.

To learn more, visit the Southgate Storage website. You may also phone directly to 707-255-1677.

Southgate Storage in Napa will help you find the answers to even the most complicated storage issues!