Businesses accumulate lots of inventory and other items over time. Sometimes it may be building stock for a seasonal sale or having equipment that may not be needed.

No matter the purpose, renting outside space to store excess is less expensive than adding to your permanent structure. Self-storage is always an option.

Looking for Storage Units Napa CA

 Having storage nearby is essential for many businesses, especially for owners who will need access frequently.

Southgate Storage offers modern, clean, and reasonably priced storage units Napa CA. The units are secure and available in various sizes to fit your needs. In many instances, customers will choose to upgrade to a larger unit to manage their overflow.

Advantages of Using Self Storage

 For businesses in and around Napa, CA, Southgate Storage offer the following advantages:

 Flexible and Convenient

 Self-storage offers businesses in and around Napa the flexibility to store inventory, equipment, or documents without committing to long-term leases, which is an ideal solution for seasonal or start-up companies.


Renting commercial space in Napa can be an expensive undertaking. Self-storage units provide a cost-effective alternative for businesses to store their goods and materials, allowing them to allocate funds to other critical aspects of their operations.

Plenty of Space for Growth

As Napa’s entrepreneurial community grows, so does the need for additional storage space. Self-storage facilities offer scalable options, enabling businesses to expand their storage requirements as their needs evolve.

Security and Peace of Mind

Southgate Storage in Napa offers state-of-the-art security measures, such as surveillance cameras, access controls, and on-site management, ensuring that businesses’ valuable assets are always protected.

Community Collaboration

Self-storage facilities can foster a sense of community among Napa’s entrepreneurs by providing shared spaces and networking opportunities. Collaborating with fellow business owners can lead to new partnerships and innovative ideas, promoting growth within the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Reserve Your Self-Storage with Southgate

Southgate Storage, located at 1025 Golden Gate Drive, Napa, makes self-storage easy. Their storage units Napa, CA, range in size from a smaller 5 ft x 10 ft unit to a 12 ft x 30 ft unit, with a total of six sizes. These self-storage units are always clean, safe, and easy to access.

Also, 12 ft x 40 ft RV storage is also available to rent.

The entire Southgate Storage facility is fenced and is monitored by at least 16 video cameras placed strategically throughout the facility. Each renter must use a security code to enter and leave the area, allowing our Team to monitor who is accessing their units. Southgate also offers locks for each self-storage unit.

Southgate Storage also offers packing material, so check with them before starting to pack your items.

You may view Pricing and Reserve your self-storage container by visiting the Southgate Storage website.

You may call Southgate Storage to discuss availability and reserve your self-storage unit. The phone number is 1-707-255-1677.