With summer just around the corner, you’re probably getting excited at the prospect of family road trips, barbecues, and days lounging by the pool. But before you throw on your bathing suit and blow up your inflatable pool chair, another matter needs attending to – Summer Storage Preparation.

If you really want to enjoy your summer you’ll have to make some room around the home to let the fresh air in and change the energy. Clutter and build-up of things you won’t use in the warm months will just make your home feel cramped and disorganized. Keep reading to learn about some of the out-of-season items that you should consider putting in Napa storage units.

Fall and Winter Clothes

Take your winter hat, heavy coat, and anything else you won’t wear beyond spring and put it in a self storage unit. And be sure to wash your clothing before storing it as not doing so could make them the perfect home for some critters. Depending on the self storage unit you rent, consider neatly folding your clothes as opposed to hanging them, to save room.

Winter Equipment

Whether you love hockey, snowboarding, skiing, or all of the above, your winter equipment is simply taking up space in the summer and would be better off in a Napa storage unit. Like your clothing, make sure to give them a good clean/wipe down beforehand, and consider wrapping your snowboards and skis in sheets to prevent dust build-up.

Non-Summer Footwear

Before putting your winter boots and shoes in a self storage unit, make sure to remove any dirt or grime that typically builds up on the soles. Make sure to lace them up as well so they keep their shape and are in perfect shape with winter rolls around again.

Other Things to Consider

Remember, not all storage units are equipped to hold every item imaginable. When filling out your rental agreement make sure you inquire if there are any restrictions to what you’re allowed to store. Furthermore, you should get a unit that’s appropriately sized for the number of items you wish to store. Getting one too small could result in stacking items and potentially breaking. Getting a unit that’s too big will be spending money needlessly.

It’s also a good idea to create an inventory list to keep track of everything you have in storage and label boxes so you can access them easily. Lastly, be sure to strategically stack your boxes so that items you frequently use are more accessible than things you may not need for several years.

If you’re interested in knowing more about some of our different Napa storage units, don’t hesitate to contact Southgate Storage today!