The idea of downsizing your home often comes with the notion that some of our beloved possessions will have to go, and this is not an easy idea to wrestle with for most people. But downsizing doesn’t have to mean throwing every non-essential possessions away for good. There are other storage tips on the table you can explore that will allow you to comfortably settle into your new cozier home and still hold on to most of the items you hold dear to your heart.

Analyze Your New Landscape and Your Inventory

The first step to organizing your smaller space is to see exactly how much less room you’re working with, in comparison to how much stuff you have. Keep an eye out for how much in-home storage space you have to know what will be put away for a rainy day. While your home isn’t as convenient as a Napa storage units, there still should be a couple of areas where you can keep some of your stuff that is out of sight and not taking up a lot of necessary space. When taking inventory of your belongings, look for duplicate items that you don’t necessarily need on hand. This could be an excessive amount of cutlery/kitchen supplies, to extra shoes, jackets, and/or other clothing.

Know What to Say Goodbye To

Ultimately there may be some stuff you will need to ditch for good. But that doesn’t mean you have to part with everything you aren’t actively using. Simply be honest with yourself and decide which items are simply collecting dust or taking space, whether it’s in your new home or Napa storage unit. Yard sales and online selling websites are a great way to part ways with those old toys and power tools and generate some easy income at the same time.

Count on a Convenient Southgate Storage Unit

Remember that storing stuff at home is ok up until it begins to take away from your personal living space. Clutter and boxes in a smaller home will make for a more congested environment and ultimately difficult to live in. If you find you’re reaching that point you may want to consider a Napa storage unit with Southgate storage. There are plenty of spaces and sizes you can choose from to hold a variety of items. This option lets you hold on to more of your most cherished items without taking up unnecessary space in your cozier home.