It is now officially Spring 2019! So, you know what that means right? Exactly – Spring Cleaning. Spring cleaning can seem like a drag to most busy people, so that is why we decided to make some quick tips to help you with storage! Storage is a key component in maintaining an organized lifestyle. We recommend this tactics when using storage units Napa CA too. So here are some useful tips:

  1. If you have picture frames or mirrors a quick tip is to wrap them in cardboard and label the box “FRAGILE” so individuals will be extra careful with these items. We all have precious photos that mean something to us. It would be a shame for them to break so label them for your Napa storage units.
  2. Have a mattress or bed in Napa storage units? Store mattresses and box springs on long edges to maximize space! Wrap these important objects for protection and to keep them clean so the elevation of the floor is recommended. If you are unable to store your mattress long side-up against the wall, plywood can assist in keeping this item off of the floor of the storage units Napa CA.
  3. When you are wrapping up those small and delicate valuables, wrap an extra layer of tape around the already wrapped piece for extra protection. This will not only protect your objects but it will also make the wrapped item easier to find / not mistake for an excess piece of paper. Comes in handy when you have a lot of stuff in Napa storage units.
  4. Do you have items that are made of wool? A good tip is to fill these items with cedar chips or mothballs to prevent moth damage.  Definitely apply this in your stored items at storage units Napa CA.
  5. Try not to store anything in sealed plastic bags. Yes, plastic bags are a very common household item but humidity will cause damage to the goods you have stored in sealed plastic bags. Ask us how to best store instead at our Napa storage units.
  6. Don’t just assume that your homeowners’ insurance or life insurance will cover your belongings while they are in storage units Napa CA. Your things are important to you, so you should think about getting insurance to cover anything in Napa storage units.

Find our full list of storage tips here!