Whether you haven’t started your Spring Cleaning yet or you’re on for round two, here are a few ideas to declutter your home or keep you from overindulging in the first place. While ridding of useless items is great, sometimes you just need to maintain your prized possessions in another location until desired, and that’s where Napa storage units come in handy.

Write a list before you go shopping

  • It can be so easy to get thrown off guard when a sale emerges and you see all the “must have” items. But are they on your list? Use a notepad or your phone to keep you on track so you don’t indulge in everything that’s 50% off. Ask yourself, “Is it on my list?” If the answer is no, you can probably wait until it’s a necessity instead of just getting a great deal on something that will only collect dust or take away precious space.

Declutter your home, but store your prized possessions

  • Decluttering doesn’t necessarily mean permanently getting rid of everything that takes up space. Some items are seasonal, sometimes you need a bit more space for family occasions, or you may have to downsize your living quarters for a while. When going through your home, whether you have a pile, a room full of items you love dearly, ones used seasonally, or just waiting for that next home or apartment to open, store your precious treasures at Southgate Mini Storage, your solution to “self storage near me!” Your home will be tidier, but your heart won’t be broken because you were able to keep them safe and close to you whenever you need them.

It’s okay to say no

  • We all have that friend or relative who loves to give gifts or hand-me-downs, and mostly they’re appreciated. When they offer you something, ask yourself if the item has value to you to keep and use it, if so, feel free to accept it. But if not, it is more than okay to politely decline their offer. You have your own junk drawers and closets of shame; your shelves of mementos and walls of picture frames. If they still can’t let it go, offer to show them a Napa storage unit. They can keep their belongings close, but not at your inconvenience.

When was the last time you used it?

  • Maybe you’ve heard of all the tricks to purge your closet of unused clothes and shoes. But have you used any of them? Look at everything in your closet, bodies change as you age, it’s okay that your wardrobe and style does too, so check sizes and styles. Separate the clothes and shoes into seasons. Whatever is out of season, store away in a box or container in your closet or at a storage unit near you.
  • For the clothes that are still in there hanging up, once you wear an item, put the hanger the opposite direction as the rest.
  • For your shoes, line them up one direction and once you wear a pair, put them away the opposite direction.

After the season has ended, you’ll see what items you didn’t touch for three to four months and that’s a great indicator they’re ready to be given away – or at the very least, tucked away in Napa storage units.