Spending more time at home may bring you to the realization that you just have too much stuff that takes up too much space. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to throw all of it out – although some of it should be tossed – it does, however, mean you should consider the option of self-storage as a way to breathe easier in your home.

What Is Self Storage?

Self-storage is a way for you to take the unnecessary items you have at home and put them in affordable, easily accessible Napa storage units until the moment arises when you need those items. They come in various sizes to allow for larger items as well as the number of items. Napa storage units are rented as users pay an affordable monthly fee and have easy access to their belongings whenever they need to retrieve them.

Steps to Obtaining your Self Storage Unit

Step 1 – Contact Southgate Storage

Contact Southgate Storage to learn about our facility and some of the many great security features included when you rent one of our Napa storage units, and book an appointment to see our facility in person.

Step 2 – Choose the Unit That’s Right for You

View all of our self-storage units and their respective prices and get a first-hand look at the facility where your items will be safely stored. You have the option of viewing our units online or you can come to the facility and take a look in person. If you’re renting online, remember that you should complete the transaction and sign the contract around the time you’re ready to move your belongings to the unit. It’s better not to pay for unused time.

Steps 3 – Sign Your Rental Agreement

Carefully review the terms and conditions of your rental agreement to ensure you are ok with everything. Once you’ve signed the agreement, you’ll be asked to make your first month’s payment and from that point on, the rest of the payments can be made online

Step 4 – Move In!

Now you’re all set to move your items into one of our convenient Napa storage units. Our on-site manager will help make the transition as easy as possible and assist you with any questions you have.