If the time comes, for whatever reason, to place your electronics in a self-storage unit, take necessary precautions to ensure your equipment survives its time away from home.

While many electronic devices have an outer “shell” that seems relatively invulnerable, the circuitry and internal components are highly susceptible to damage from moisture, temperature variances, impact, dust accumulation, and even insects and rodents.

Simply piling your electronic devices and accessories into a cardboard box without protection and hauling them to any public storage facility can result in a genuinely undesirable outcome.

Why Use Public Storage for Electronics?

The number of public or self-storage units has grown substantially in recent decades, mainly due to the conveniences and savings that they provide. Companies and individuals who may have run out of space for extra equipment and inventory often find public or self-storage facilities an economical alternative to investing in additional permanent space.

Storing electronics in a safe and clean public storage unit will keep the equipment in shape for future expansion and use while also protecting these during a relocation.

Potential Threats While in Storage

  • Moisture Accumulation: Excess moisture can be the worst enemy of your electronics. Once moisture penetrates the unit’s interior, the circuitry can become damaged beyond repair. It is a good idea to regularly inspect your public storage unit to ensure moisture and condensation are not developing significantly.
  • Temperature Variation: Excessive cold or warm temperatures can compromise many electronic equipment parts. As with warding off damage caused by moisture, tight protective packing will protect the equipment from these threats.
  • Dust: Over time, dust will accumulate within your self-storage facility. Proper packaging, regular cleaning, and frequent inspection should keep dust levels down while protecting your unit’s contents.
  • Rodents and Insects: High-quality self-storage facility management teams like Southgate Storage in Napa maintain clean, rodent-free units. Cleaning between each use, rodent and insect mitigation programs, and quick reaction eliminate these threats. However, a robust outer case that would be impenetrable by these pests is additional insurance against damage.

Preparation and Packing Electronics for Storage

Here are some tips to mitigate the possibility of damage from potential threats to your electronics while they are in storage:

  • In regions where humidity levels are consistently high, and temperatures vary significantly, look for a climate-controlled storage unit to reduce the risks from these damaging threats. Pack the elements tightly with non-conductive packing materials in a substantial box or case. Make sure these are stored above floor level.
  • Back up any data before packing.
  • Make a comprehensive list of all items that will be packed and stored.
  • Clean the devices thoroughly before packing.
  • Remove all batteries since corroded batteries can damage adjacent components.
  • Label all accessories and cords so they can be matched appropriately.
  • If you have the original box or case that the equipment was packed in, use it. These have been designed to withstand rough treatment and exposure.
  • If you must use another box, make sure it is sturdy. Invest in packing peanuts, inflated plastic air pods, or bubble wrap. Packed tightly with no voids or spaces, the box’s contents will not be damaged when dropped or crushed by other packages.
  • Do not store electronics on the floor of the self-storage unit. Stack securely on top of other items or build shelves to accommodate them. Floor stacking also exposes the contents to moisture and a greater possibility for rodents and insects to infiltrate.

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