Whether you’re moving some stuff into a public storage unit, or from one house to the next, the process of moving brings little joy to a person’s heart. It’s time-consuming, tiring, and if you’re doing it alone, pretty stressful. But there are ways you can make the process run more smoothly, and when it comes to moving, that’s all we can really hope for. Keep reading how you can make your next move the easiest one yet to your new home or a self storage unit.


Waiting until one or two days before you move is a critical mistake that many people often make. This always ends with things being lost, broken, or left behind. Start your packing process weeks in advance, and if you have a lot of belongings, consider starting the process of packing certain things months ahead of time.

Use this time to your advantage to sort through the things you do and don’t need. Apart from saving you time, it will save room in your moving truck and ultimately take up less space in your new home.

Insufficient Moving Supplies

Moving is a lot more stressful if you’re not prepared with the right packing supplies. Having enough boxes, bubble wrap, and tape is one part of the equation. The other part is having the tools to move those big items like dressers and armoires. Consider renting a dolly or cart with wheels so you can avoid the chances of damaging your furniture and also reduce the risk of hurting yourself.

Neglecting Self Storage Units

If you’re looking for a way to start removing items from your home weeks ahead of a move, there is no better place to put them than a self-storage unit. This allows you to keep your belongings readily packed and stored in a safe place.

Public storage units allow for easy access and safety. You can also purchase insurance to cover the items that you store in them. It’s important to read through the policy to know exactly what is covered and for what amount. It’s also a good idea to take a look at the various storage units available, to find the right size for your belongings.