A question we hear a lot is, “How soon should I start packing before moving day?” We usually respond, “As early as possible.” It’s the one sure way to ensure the process is relatively stress-free, particularly if you’re moving a distance or putting items into public storage.

Of course, you can’t pack up everything in your home months before the move, but you definitely shouldn’t put the task off until the last minute. The trick to getting it right is to prioritize your packing timeline.

How to Start Packing for a Move

The more time you give yourself to complete the job, the less likely you’ll be to cut corners and make mistakes.

We gave you a week-by-week guide to navigating the chaos moving day frequently brings in an earlier post. Here, we cover how to get a head start on the packing process without upending your daily life.

  • Designate a “packing” spot. Assign places for people to put boxes once they’re packed. Choose one location like the garage for boxes you want to send to self-storage and another, like a guest room or den, to store ones going on the moving truck.
  • Start with already stored items. Move boxes with seasonal and other items previously stored away in the attic, closets, or garage to their proper holding place.
  • Pack items you won’t use again before moving day. You can probably safely box up lawn and pool equipment, tools, and many smaller kitchen appliances that you won’t be using prior to the move.
  • Devise a packing plan for hard-to-pack items. Large, heavy, or unusually shaped items like pianos, artworks, and antique furniture might require special packing that you need to plan in advance, even if the actual packing of them won’t happen until moving day. Your moving company can help you determine how soon you should pack the items and whether you need to make special arrangements for those you’ll be putting in a public storage unit.

Follow these tips, and when your actual moving day arrives, you should be well-prepared! And remember to get to your new place as early as possible so you can direct the movers to put things where they belong.

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