The thought of moving to a new town, city, state, or even country can be exciting. Moving day itself, on the other hand, not so much. You can make preparing for a move less stressful by arranging for a reputable moving company, packing up belongings sooner rather than later, and placing items you won’t need right away in convenient self storage.

Here are some of our favorite tips for helping you navigate the chaos moving day often brings, as well as how to arrange for self storage in Napa, CA.

Stress-Free Preparation for Moving Day

Experts suggest starting your move preparations at least two months in advance.

  • Start by inventorying your belongings and deciding which items, if any, you’ll be putting in storage.
  • Determine the size of the self storage unit you’ll need and rent the unit.
  • Provide updated address information to anyone you receive mail from as well as your insurance companies.
  • If you haven’t hired a moving company, do so now.
  • If you’re moving a distance, head online and look up grocery stores, banks, pharmacies, and other essential services you might need so you don’t have to scramble to find one when you first arrive

One month before moving day:

  • Double-check with utility companies that everything will be up and running when you arrive.
  • Moving to a new state? Find out what you need to do about getting a new driver’s license, license plates, and car insurance.
  • If your pets require special transportation arrangements, make them now.
  • Start packing. If you need packing supplies, Southgate Storage has them available for purchase.
  • If you were planning to hold a garage sale, now’s the time.

Two weeks prior to the big day:

  • Start cleaning near-empty rooms in your current home.
  • Continue packing and leave out only the absolute essentials.
  • Back up your computers and other devices.
  • Using a moving company? Give them a call to confirm the date and time.

What to do one week before moving day:

  • Finish packing but pack one or two small bags with essentials you might need if the moving trucks don’t show up on time at your new place.
  • Get some cash from the ATM to tip the movers.
  • The day before the move, clean out the refrigerator.

When the actual moving day arrives, you should be well-prepared! Get to your new place as early as possible so you can direct the movers to put things where they belong.

Convenient Self Storage in Napa, CA

Whether you’re moving down the street or across the country, Southgate’s Napa storage units give you the space you need to get settled in your new home in your own time. We offer seven different sizes of self storage units, including a 12×40 space for RV parking. Our convenient location and high-security Napa storage units make it easy to find the right size unit for your budget and storage needs.

To learn more about all our available Napa storage units, contact Southgate Storage online today, or call us at 707-255-1677!