Home renovations are plenty challenging in our daily lives. Rooms are blocked, hallways are impassable, and much of the home is not accessible for a time.

The problem worsens when your furniture and belongings must be moved to protect them, sometimes overwhelming other spaces in your home.

Consider a clean, accessible, and economical alternative by choosing a self-storage unit where you can move your items while the renovation is underway.

Reduce the Stress

Interference caused by a remodeling project is plenty stressful. The noise, inconvenience, and adapting your life to a different pattern can affect your well-being in many ways.

Add to those disruptions the overcrowding of excess furniture and belongings that had to move into your living space away from the reconstruction. The stress, anxiety, and sense of being overwhelmed can become intolerable.

Benefits of De-Cluttering

With a self-storage unit, you can clear out all but the essentials temporarily and provide a more comfortable and manageable environment. While the renovation can still be annoying, remember that it will be temporary and worth it. But at least you will not be cramped in a smaller living area.

Studies have shown that a tidy space tends to support clearer minds, reduce stress, and improve focus. Not surprisingly, a clearer area leads to a clearer mind.

Creating a Calmer Living Environment

It may be necessary to vacate many of your belongings during your remodel. Too much clutter will contribute to tension, knowing the renovation is already a stressful event. Creating a calm living environment will provide a better chance for calmness and relaxation, knowing many of your valuables will be safe and well-protected. Your sentimental items and furniture will be safe and well protected during the disruptions at home.

Storage Units as a Solution

Let the self-storage unit act as your additional space at home. Select one that is convenient, secure, and accessible at any time.

A clean and secure storage unit can solve many problems surrounding a remodel. With easy access to your self-storage, you can always drop by to pick up something that you may require, or you can drop off something else that you may no longer need.

Reserve a Southgate Storage Self-Storage Unit

In Napa, Southgate Storage is easily accessed with modern storage units of various sizes to select from.

This state-of-the-art venue is well-monitored with multiple video security cameras and surveillance, a fenced lot, an electronic security gate activated by client codes, and staff on hand during business hours.

Self-storage units have roll-up doors, which maximize the space and are easy to operate.

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