Things accumulate over time, especially those treasures and collectibles that we inherit from others and have a strong personal commitment to their safety and longevity.

In other instances, many have amassed collectibles for future sale but need somewhere to store these where they can be free from worry.

Understanding the Value of Your Collectibles

Vintage items and antiques may have surrounded us for most of our lives. But, at a certain point, these can become overwhelming when decorating a modern home, or the available space has become an issue.

Finding the right place to store these items safely can be an ongoing worry. Keeping these in a home can create a risk, especially when the value of the objects is very high.

Placing these valuables in a secure, 24-hour monitored storage facility like Southgate Storage in Napa, California, can be the answer. Items are fully protected, kept totally dry, free from intrusion, and maintained for future visits. Depending on the items to be stored, the storage will accommodate any size storage container.

Climate Controlled Storage

Even the delicate, more fragile items can be safe at your local storage facility. Many of these offer climate-controlled storage units that can preserve the condition of delicate and sensitive vintage objects. The most sensitive items can be held at a specific temperature and humidity that will prevent deterioration, warping, or mold growth, which could be a problem with home storage.  

Eliminating Light Exposure

Consider the damage that continuous, direct light exposure might have on your delicate fabrics and other materials. Storing in opaque containers in a dark storage facility can be the best answer, requiring no intervention and occasional checking.

Security is Paramount

Valuable heirlooms and assets can be marvelous possessions but also need special care. In many instances, storing your assets in an off-site climate-controlled storage facility with multiple cameras, state-of-the-art security, secure locks, code-activated entry, high perimeter fencing, and more should help with your decision.

Contact Southgate Storage in Napa

Convenient, secure, and available, Southgate Storage offers units ranging in size from 5’x10’ to 12’x30’, with even RV storage of 12’x40’. The units are clean and well-maintained and are easily accessible with code entry.

Learn more about Southgate Storage in Napa by visiting their website. You can set a person-to-person meeting with one of our experts, view pricing, and request a storage unit of a specific size and parameter. The storage facility is conveniently located at 1025 Golden Gate Drive in Napa.

You may also phone (707)-255-1677, and one of the professionals will be pleased to answer your questions.