Each year, Napa has about 70 days of rain. If one of those happens to be the day you’re moving, there’s no need to delay your move and wait for better weather. There are plenty of tricks and tips you can take from the experts to ace your bad weather move, whether it’s in a drizzle or downpour.

Read on to learn their suggested strategies to keep everything dry and move it safely to your new destination or Napa public storage unit.

Tips for Moving in Bad Weather and How Public Storage Can Help

First, no matter what the forecast says, be prepared for a sudden change in the weather so you don’t have to rush around at the last minute. Keep everything in a separate box so you can quickly find what you need when the rain starts.

Supplies for a Rainy Day Move

  • Sheets of plastic and shrink wrap. You can always use garbage-size plastic bags, too. Use them to drape over clothes hangers and keep paper items dry. Shrink wrap around furniture and mattresses will keep them drier and cleaner than moving blankets.
  • Extra cardboard. You’ll likely have a couple boxes left over from your packing. Flatten and cut them to create floor mats inside any entryways. Don’t use plastic, as you’ll eventually create a waterslide, what with people traipsing in and out with wet shoes and boots.
  • Towels. We all have bath and kitchen towels that are more like rags. They can be put to good use now, as they’re perfect for dry wet floors inside and in the truck.
  • One or two extra helpers. Whether you’ve hired professional movers or friends and family are helping out, a few extra sets of hands make it easy to form an assembly line between your home and the truck. You’ll also cut down on the amount of mud and water that needs to be cleaned up later.

Prioritize Items and Trips

Are you storing some of your belongings in public storage? You might want to start by taking the plastic bins you packed there first. Hopefully, by the time you need to move cardboard boxes and fragile items into the moving truck, the rain will have let up or stopped altogether.

And once you arrive at your new home, unpack wet boxes and bags as quickly as possible. You particularly want to get damp cardboard out of the house as soon as possible to prevent mold or mildew growth.

Napa Storage Units: Moving in the Rain Doesn’t Have to Be Gloomy

No one actually likes moving in the rain, but we hope these tips convince you that moving in bad weather doesn’t have to be a complete downer. And once your rainy day move is complete, be sure to give yourself a little time to unwind. Order takeout, make some tea, or take a bath—you deserve to recoup from a challenging move!

Southgate Storage offers seven different-sized self-storage units that can make your inclement move a little easier. To learn about all our available Napa storage units, contact us online today or call us at 707-255-1677!