Self storage is an excellent option for protecting your personal belongings, but only if you pack them properly to ensure they stay in great condition. Whether you’re clearing out your home, have inherited some family heirlooms, or are relocating and need to store glassware temporarily, you’ll need to use a little more TLC when boxing up articles made of glass.

Take these precautions before storing your glass items in a self-storage unit at Southgate, and your glassware will be protected for months or years.

Five Tips for Protecting Glassware in a Self Storage Unit

Typical glass household objects people store are drinking glasses, stemware, cookware, decorative pieces like vases, glass tabletops, and mirrors.

Here’s everything you need to know about storing glassware.

Wash & Dry

Cleaning your glassware before packing it ensures any surface dust or dirt doesn’t create permanent stains. Just be sure the items are completely dry so mold doesn’t grow on them while they’re in storage.

Pack Individually

Now that everything’s clean and dry, it’s time to box it up. Since glassware can shatter at the slightest bump, use a generous amount of bubble wrap around each separate item and place them in double-walled corrugated boxes with dividers. Some experts suggest filling the hollow sections of glasses with packing or crumbled tissue paper.

Smaller, sturdier pieces like plates and cookware can be stacked but should also be individually wrapped with bubble wrap. Use shredded newspapers, packing peanuts, or wood shavings to fill in gaps in the boxes.

Label Boxes

Always label your boxes and cartons “Fragile.” Make the labels clear and detailed so the containers are properly handled at your home, in route to the storage unit, and when being removed from storage.

Avoid Heights

Once it’s time to put your glass items in storage:

  • Place the boxes at or near floor level, away from anything that could fall on them.
  • Don’t stack anything heavy on top of the boxes.
  • Put the boxes on a completely flat surface or a wooden pallet.
  • Don’t stack the boxes too high and put them at the back of the unit, so you don’t need to move them when you need to retrieve something.

Don’t Stack

Avoid stacking large pieces of flat glass like tabletops and mirrors on top of one another, even if they’re individually wrapped, as it can leave scratches on the glass. Instead, place them on their sides and lean them against a wall.

Safely Store Your Glass Items in our Napa Storage Units

At Southgate, we want your belongings to be as safe as you do. Storing glassware and other glass items without damaging them isn’t difficult; it just takes some preparation and careful handling.  Pack items individually, don’t stack the boxes, and be sure to label your containers.

And when you’re ready to store your glass items, contact Southgate Storage online or call us at 707-255-1677 to reserve your self storage unit!