Many of us hit a moment when we feel that our possessions are taking over, and the clutter becomes unacceptable. Stress rises, and we become anxious as we realize the clutter is crowding our lives.

Our home seems less appealing, too, when we recognize that not all the bits and pieces need to stay.

Some things can be discarded. Others may be valuable keepsakes, and we cannot part with them. Others are those we can do without during most of the year but wish to have them around during the holidays or other reasons.

Whatever your plan may be, adding a Napa storage unit is an alternative that can solve your problem.

The Problem with Clutter

Clutter is a problem that can creep up or, if you have just moved into a smaller home, can suddenly overwhelm you.

In one recent study, people who saw their homes as cluttered had high levels of the stress hormone cortisol, while those in an uncluttered, well-organized state had lower levels.

And people over 50 have accumulated more than younger people, so the problem often becomes more acute for them. Another study found that these folks can become less satisfied with their lives as the piles grow.

A University of Connecticut study found that removing or controlling clutter can directly reduce the stress that stems from the mess. Decluttering can help us feel happier, less anxious, and more confident.

De-cluttering is the solution, but the process does not mean pitching everything that is not essential. It means that what is necessary to daily life stays, while other less critical items can be moved into a public storage unit.

Storage Units as a Solution

De-cluttering can mean moving items that are no longer used routinely into a safe, readily accessible, and clean Napa storage unit. The unit can be staged to allow easy access, with items more frequently used nearer the front.

Make a careful list of all the items you will be storing.

Arrange items according to how often you will need them. Place everything in stackable containers, label them carefully, and place them so the things most likely to be retrieved are closest to the entryway.

Materials that are less apt to be accessed soon can go in the rear of your Napa storage unit,

Value of Decluttering

You have carefully relocated all your excess items to a Napa storage unit. You now enjoy a decluttered living space, and everything is easily located. Your home seems larger, and moving around is unencumbered.

Most importantly, the stress is reduced. If you need an item in storage, you can retrieve it.

Certain sentimental items are important but do not require being continually in the home. These can be safely stored in easy-to-access boxes in storage, so they can be brought out as needed.

Cutting Down the Stress

One instance of a declutter project was Allie Casazza, host of The Purpose Show podcast and mother of four, who was stressed by the overload of items around the house. Too much of her time was spent cleaning, rearranging, and tidying.

Allie cleared out all non-essential items, freeing up space, and suddenly found she had far more time for her children and husband. An uncluttered toy room brought greater focus to the children. The reduced closet clutter gave her a purer understanding of what she did not need and how to maintain it.

Once the project was finished, Allie enjoyed reduced stress, more time with her family, and a sense of “doing what she was supposed to be doing.”

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