Life presents many situations that may require a relatively quick decision.

How to store some of your valuables due to a downsize or a temporary change in your life can be one of these. Deciding what to do can lead to overpaying or parting with items you may wish you had held onto.

The key is to take a little time to decide.

Understanding Long-Term Storage

Self-storage is always an option. If you are planning long-term travel, deployment, downsizing, or other situation where you may be gone for six months or more, you should consider self-storage.

Long-term, self-storage rental options like Southgate Storage in Napa are viable. The locations offer units of multiple sizes in a controlled environment that will allow access anytime.

And many of these locations are climate-controlled to protect the items that must be kept away from too-warm or too-cold temperatures.

Benefits of Short-Term Storage

Moving goods in bulk always ends up with something getting scratched or worse during the process.

But even for very short-term storage, perhaps during a move from one residence to the next, short-term storage can be a huge benefit. Valuable and easily damaged items that will be in the way when you move the rest of your goods are protected when using Napa storage units.

Placing these in short-term storage can prevent any of those damaging issues while allowing full access to them while there.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Self-Storage Facility

What you place in storage can be an essential part of your decision. Storing there may be best if a particular self-storage unit provides the right atmosphere for your items. Doing so is especially important for long-term storage.

Determining how long and where you may need storage is essential, and Southgate Storage management can help with the decision. Cost is important, so calculating how much can be vital to your decision.

Also, you must decide how frequently you will access your items while in storage, so finding a nearby storage unit can be an advantage.

Finding the Best Solution

Research all reasonable options where you may be storing your goods. Compare the Napa storage units, security, access, cost, and climate control.

Consider consulting with storage experts, seeking advice and suggestions for what will work best for your self-storage needs.

And, of course, analyze your short- or long-term needs to determine which self-storage option works best for your plans.

Check Our Southgate Storage, the Napa Storage Units

Depending on your needs, Southgate Storage in Napa can handle a few items or even an entire household.

You can view the various Napa storage units online at, and even reserve your unit while there.

Unit sizes vary from 5×10 feet to a much more spacious Napa storage unit at 12×30 feet, all with ceilings at 10’.

RV spaces (12×40’) are also available.

Southgate Storage units are secure and affordable. Each renter is given a unique code to enter the lot, and cameras are situated throughout the facility.

Visit the Southgate Storage website to learn more and reserve a unit. Or you can arrange a consultation with one of the Napa storage unit staff to learn more about the facility by phoning (707)-255-1677.