We all experience times when the storage space in the basement, garage, or attic is pretty much used up, and those areas have become cluttered and unsightly. While a few things likely should be pitched, some of those items may have actual or sentimental value, are seasonal, or essential but only needed occasionally.

And, of course, when you suddenly envision a greater purpose for that attic, basement, or garage, or you wish to reclaim the space for aesthetic or practical reasons, something must give.

Suppose you are a business owner or manager and recognize that using valuable retail or office space to store excess inventory, supplies, or equipment is a significant waste of money.

Solve your space problem by moving those stored items into a secure, clean, and dry storage that allows 24-hour access while giving you the peace of mind that your cherished possessions are better off.

Advantages of Using Southgate Storage in Napa

A Southgate Storage unit in Napa offers a broad range of benefits for personal and business use. Private renters can utilize the units to store seasonal items, extra furniture, or other possessions not currently in use.

Businesses use a safe and clean storage unit to store excess or seasonal inventory and equipment or even as a low-cost alternative to traditional office space.

Here are some of the benefits and conveniences of using an outside storage unit:

Easy Access in a Nearby Location

Because professional storage facilities are located throughout Napa Valley, having easy and quick access is simple. Southgate Storage is situated in Napa, so clients in the area are never more than a few minutes away.

Flexible Lease Options

Tailor your lease agreement to match your needs. The leasing agreement can match the customers’ needs and budget, whether long-term or short-term or for multiple units.

Simplified Rental Process

Renting a Southgate Storage Unit in Napa is a straightforward process. Select your low-cost storage option, and the agreement can often be completed online or in person in minutes.


With an electronic gate accessed only by coded access after office hours, security cameras, strategic lighting, and secure fencing, Southgate Storage offers extended hours of operation, making it easy for renters to access their belongings anytime.

RV Storage

Southgate also provides ample TV storage within a secure area in Downtown Napa. Clients can rent a 12ft x 40 ft parking space in a fenced, secure location and be confident that their valuable camper will be protected and ready to go when they are.

Visit or Contact Southgate Storage to Discuss Your Storage Needs

Viewing the individual storage units in person is a great way to learn about the many advantages that Southgate Storage offers. Stop by Southgate Storage at 1025 Golden Gate Drive in Napa to see the range of affordable, clean, and secure storage units.

Whether for personal or business storage capacity, clients of Southgate Storage enjoy the economy and security of having their possessions well-protected. Free up some space and enjoy peace of mind by placing your valuables in a safe and affordable location.

If you have questions, phone Southgate Storage at (707)-255-1677. Or you may complete the website’s Contact Us form, and one of the Southgate storage experts will contact you.