At various times in the year, we pick through those holiday decorations that may have been hurriedly stowed following last year’s festivities. Invariably, as we hold our collective breaths, we hope everything will still be in decent shape, lighting, twinkling, shining, hanging, standing, and just looking glorious.

Our holiday decorations can be valuable, maybe not for their cost, but often for the many memories, they hold. Some can even be family heirlooms or unique handmade gifts passed on from an earlier generation, and rightfully demand special care to preserve them.

As years go by, the chances of 100% recovery and preservation will diminish unless we take the time to pack and store correctly.

And it’s not just about Christmas or Hanukkah decorating. The challenge applies to decorations appropriate for other holidays like Thanksgiving, Easter, 4th of July, St. Patrick’s Day, New Year’s Day, and perhaps others.

Here are some suggestions to prevent damage and extend the useful life of all your decorations, ornaments, and lights.

Find a Dry, Well-Protected Storage Space

An important key to preserving your holiday decorations is to protect them from impact, physical damage, and excessive moisture. Basements often present very humid conditions that may affect certain decorations, particularly those with fabric components. Garage storage can expose ornaments to harmful climate variations and, in many cases, airborne dirt, exhaust fumes, and potential impact damage.

The best option is a clean, dry, low-humidity space that offers easy access. If home storage space is limited or insufficient, storing offsite at a reputable, well-maintained self-storage facility is the best solution.

Consider the Storage Containers

A Better Homes and Gardens article from August 2022 points out several practical and inexpensive containers that can hold and protect various decorations. These range from ornament storage drawers to transparent plastic boxes to compartmentalized figurine storage. Each choice is available in various materials, designed to protect against impact damage and moisture and, in some instances, for safe stacking.

First Step: Discard Broken or No Longer Used Decorations

This year, before beginning to repack your seasonal decorations, make a careful inventory of what you will not want to use again. If the decorations are broken, misshapen, or don’t work anymore, throw them away. Should these be in good shape, but you have found a better option, donate them.

This decluttering reduces the number of storage containers required and will save time in your future unpacking and repacking efforts.

Use Clear Bins for Storage

Consider improving your efficiency by storing your decorations in transparent bins, bags, or boxes. Identifying which items are in each container quickly will eliminate time waste and frustration each year.

Wrapping Paper, Bows, Labels

Keep your gift-wrapping materials in an easily accessible place. Since these may need to be accessed frequently for birthdays, graduations, and various holidays, consider putting these materials in an easily accessible location, like a hanging shoe organizer in a little-used closet. A hanging organizer is a terrific space saver and lets you know precisely where your gift-wrapping things are.

Protecting Wreaths, Delicate Floral Decorations, Large Bows

Rather than boxing the truly delicate or fragile interior or exterior decorations, consider placing these on hangers within clear garment bags or other protective coverings. Putting them horizontally in stacked boxes can risk crushing or damaging those cherished items.

Protect Smaller Ornaments in Empty Egg Cartons

Many of those Christmas ornaments will fit within the individual cells of an egg carton. Egg cartons make perfect holders since they are designed, as we well know, to keep fragile items from breaking.

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