Having enough space to handle the accumulation of additional items becomes a problem for many of us. Excess sometimes puts us in a situation where we need to prioritize, especially with valuables and seasonal items that seem to get in the way when unused.

There is always a solution, but for items we do not want to part with, a well-maintained storage unit can be the answer. With a self-storage unit, the items can be readily withdrawn or exchanged as needed, keeping everything in top condition until required.

Here is a simple process for deciding which Napa storage unit is best for your needs.

  • Declutter and Prioritize

Decluttering is an ongoing process. Start with the living areas of your

home, identifying Items that are used or needed less frequently or seasonally. Develop a system to prioritize what you truly need and wish to keep in your home year-round. Some of the other items are candidates for storage or disposal.

  • Selecting a Storage Unit

When choosing a self-storage unit, decide what you need regarding size, location, and accessibility. Climate control can be crucial when furniture or electronic storage is involved.

Make sure you can access the unit easily, in case you suddenly decide you need something.

  • Organization and Labeling

As you store your items, carefully arrange certain boxes and other things to access quickly. Too small a self-storage container can make this difficult, so keep that in mind. Always keep items most likely to be accessed near the container’s door.

And, when boxes are used, be sure to label these precisely so that you can identify where each item has been placed. Lots of time and lots of stress are wasted while searching for specific items.

  • Regular Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance become your responsibility once you rent the Napa storage unit. This process is often not required, but schedule a periodic visit to the location to check on any dirt or dust accumulation. A visit is also an excellent time to review whether you can thin out some items since you may no longer need them.

  • Digital Minimalism

By digitizing, you can reduce the space required for photos, documents, and other items. This process removes the need to store physical items by reducing them to a digitized format available at any time.

Reserve Your Place at Southgate Storage in Napa

Located near the heart of Napa, California, Southgate Storage is an ideal alternative for individuals and families looking for additional self-storage.

A modern, secure, clean, and well-maintained facility, Southgate offers the best in Napa storage units. Self-storage units range in size from 5ft x 10 ft to a large 12 ft x 30 ft.

Check out the website to learn more about Southgate Storage and what they offer or to reserve your unit,. You can also arrange a personal visit and tour of the facilities by phoning (707)-255-1677.