Self-storage is mostly more convenient, flexible, and less expensive than using a portable storage container. While the portable option does not leave your premises, in many instances, the choice is unworkable.

If you are storing goods for a significant time, working with a self-storage unit in a highly secure environment is a better option.

Here are some comparative factors.


Convenience and Accessibility

Self-Storage: Self-storage operators offer convenient access that allows you to retrieve or access your belongings as needed. Your storage facility is usually in commercial areas and easily accessed locations.

Portable Storage: These are delivered to your address at your convenience and can be loaded or unloaded at your own pace. They do not require transportation from your home to the facility.


Flexibility and Mobility

Self-Storage: Units are offered with flexible terms, letting you rent for however long you need. These are ideal for long-term situations or are perfect for dedicated storage solutions.

Portable Storage: Portable storage units are flexible and provide mobility. These can be kept at your location or moved to another, making them suitable for temporary storage during remodeling or when you need flexibility.


Space and Capacity

Self-Storage:  These come in various sizes, from small to large, allowing you to match your needs. You can choose any size that suits your requirements.

Portable Storage: Portable containers also come in various sizes. Sometimes the capacity is more limited than with self-storage units so making sure up front is important.



Self-Storage: Self-storage units provide enhanced security for their customers including gated access, surveillance cameras, on-site staff, and individual locks for each Napa storage container. These are important features of self-storage units.

Portable Storage: Portable storage units are made of durable materials and can be locked to keep vandals out. However, security applications differ from supplier to supplier, so it is important to ask about the security features.



Self-Storage: Napa storage units are rented monthly with the cost dependent on the size and location of the unit. Other costs may include insurance and administrative fees.

Portable Storage: Fees for portable storage often involve both delivery and pickup, plus monthly fees. The total cost depends on the size of the container, duration of need, and the distance to and from.


Making Your Decision

The choice between a self-storage unit at a first-class Napa storage unit like Southgate Storage and having a container delivered to your home requires some investigation. If your project is shorter and the storage is for a quick turnaround, perhaps portable storage may be preferred.

For longer term storage, Southgate Storage offers Napa storage units that are flexible in size, well-protected, and very convenient. Accessing the storage unit as needed is simple.

Be aware that Southgate Storage in Napa has been in business for over 50 years.

To learn more about the Southgate Storage units in Napa, visit the Southgate website. There you will learn about the multiple sizes offered, storage tips, pricing and more.

If you have questions, feel free to phone Southgate Storage at (707)-255-1677.