When you invest in Napa storage units, you want to make sure your belongings are fully protected, including from pests and rodents. Fortunately, you can take these simple steps to ensure your furniture, household goods, paperwork, and other personal items don’t fall prey to destructive critters.

Southgate Storage offers convenient storage in Napa, CA designed to keep your unit free of all types of pests.

How Our Napa Storage Units Protect Your Personal Belongings

Most times, all it takes to protect your stored belongings is a little preparation. Follow these eight steps when preparing to put your items in storage and you’ll be sure to maintain a pest and rodent-proof unit for as long as you need.

Choose the right containers

The best way to store items pests are attracted to is in airtight plastic totes. Place other items in sturdy cardboard boxes that you can easily stack for long periods. Avoid free cardboard boxes you pick up from the grocery store, as they may harbor pest larvae or food remnants that attract unwanted visitors to your unit.

Don’t store food inside your storage unit

You might be surprised how many people think it’s ok to store non-perishable food in their Napa storage units. But rodents and other pests are wired to find it. Furniture cushions and kitchen appliances like toasters often get stored with crumbs in them. Be sure to vacuum and clean any items that might have food traces left in or on them.

Don’t put boxes or containers on the ground

Keeping boxes and containers elevated makes it more difficult for bugs and rodents to reach them. Use open shelving, clean pallets, or tables to deter unwanted pests from making their home in your belongings. A bonus is you’ll also protect items from moisture damage.

Cover mattresses and upholstered furniture

Mattresses are the most common way bed bugs get into storage units. Invest in a good-quality mattress storage bag that’s specifically designed to keep pests out. Wrapping or covering other upholstered items in the same way makes it difficult for rodents to chew their way through. Remember that fabric items need to breathe, so don’t wrap them too tightly.

Use natural pest deterrents

Your storage facility can tell you if chemical-based deterrents are permitted. To repel pests naturally, keep the area clean and swept, put cedar blocks or chips in one or more bowls, and try placing a couple of drops of peppermint or lavender essential oil on cotton balls you spread around the unit.

Visit your storage unit regularly

The sooner you catch pest and rodent infestations, the easier they are to remedy. If possible, visit your unit every couple of months to inspect for pest damage. If you notice signs of infestation, talk to the facility’s manager as soon as possible.

Choose a storage facility that prioritizes pest control

If a storage company is lax about pest control, all your good efforts could be wasted. When choosing a storage facility, look for units where the storage doors have no gaps and are tightly sealed.

Check your insurance policy

Even the most well-kept storage facilities can have the occasional pest problem. Check to see if your insurance policy covers pest infestation or damage.

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